Call for Donations

Donate to ULA-NJWe are pleased to introduce ourselves and inform you that after the Presidential election hard times are coming for the most vulnerable communities. This is why, Unidad Latina en Accion NJ, a grassroots migrant justice organization, works under the mission of educating, empowering and organizing migrant communities to defend and protect our human and civil rights. Our mission is to defend our community that is criminalized by our local enforcement through Police-ICE collaboration, racial profiling and the detention and deportation system.

We are asking for your support to help our community consider making a DONATION TODAY eitheir online with this link or you can mail a check to 108 main st Hightstown NJ, so we can keep our office operating.

Donate to ULA-NJWe are going to continue organizing, educating and resisting locally and statewide. We have been in the struggle for 7 years. We have stopped more then 45 statewide deportation cases and more than 400 cases across the country. We have also recovered more then $25k of unpaid salaries, developed ESL and Computer classes, Know Your Rights Workshops, monthly community meetings, Health and Safety workshops, free legal consultations and provided a safe space for families, children, workers, and LGTBQ undocumented migrants.

We can assure you that your DONATION is necessary to protect and educate our community. “New Americans”—immigrants and the children of immigrants—account for 20.5% of all registered voters in the state. Moreover, Latinos and Asians (both foreign-born and native-born) yield $92.3 billion in consumer purchasing power, and the businesses they own had sales and receipts of $40.1 billion and employed more than 160,000 people at last count. Immigrant, Latino, and Asian workers, consumers, and entrepreneurs are integral to New Jersey’s economy and tax base.

Thank you for supporting Unidad Latina en Accion NJ in fighting and organizing for our human right to keep our families together, and to end the devastating deportations in our communities. We appreciate your support and collaboration and believe that we are all in the same struggle. So, united we will never be divided.

In solidarity and hoping you will take part,

Jorge Torres
Executive Director
Unidad Latina en Accion NJ


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